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R.E.M.: Up: Diminished/I'm Not over You

Lyrics: Diminished, I'm Not over You


See Suspicion.

"jealous lover, self defense/protective brother, chemical dependence"
These are all posible defenses in a murder trial.
[Ron Henry]

"I'll consult the i ching"
The I Ching is a Chinese book of divination, used with yarrow stalks or coins, to help the subject get a sense of abstract forces influences them, and to help make important decisions.
[Ron Henry]

"ouija, oblique strategies"
The "ouija" is a board arranged with letters and a movable pointer that several people place their fingers on together and then read the letters where the pointer moves to spell words, usually for divination or contacting spirits. Oblique Strategies refers to a deck of cards with creative and inspirational suggestions and techniques, developed by Brian Eno; used in the movie Slacker by Richard Linklater, whose invented Oblique Strategies card "Withdrawal in disgust is not the same thing as apathy" was quoted by Stipe in the song What's the Frequency, Kenneth? [Ron Henry]

"I'll consult the law books for precedents"
Law books are legal reference books.
[Ron Henry]

"Smallpox blanket?"
The phrase itself is a reference to the distribution of smallpox-infested blankets to American Indians for "ethnic cleansing" purposes, a kind of sinister Trojan horse gift of evil.

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