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R.E.M.: Up: Parakeet



Stipe mentioned that this song was partially inspired by reading about the illegal parakeet and tropical bird trade in Australia/Southeast Asia, where birds are removed from their idyllic natural habitats to be caged and used as pets in the West. [Ron Henry]

"the parakeet who's colored bitter lime"
"Bitter lime" is a typical parakeet feather coloration.
[Ron Henry]

"the sunspot flares of the early nineties"
Solar flares, that disrupt communications and cause auroras, peaked in frequency around 1992-3.
[Ron Henry] * Believed also by some to disrupt consciousness to a certain extent, IIRC. [Lisa Gardner]

"the tectonic dispatcher shifts"
"Tectonic" means relating to the process of movement of portions of the earth's crust.
[Ron Henry]

"of Brisbane's sunny shore"
Brisbane is an Australian city. [Ron Henry]

"where buddhas tend to mending wrists"
Buddhas, in Buddhism, are enlightened beings.
[Ron Henry]

"of eucalyptus fragrances and coriander seeds"
Eucalyptys is a tree native to Australia with fragrant leaves.
[Ron Henry] * See Find the River for coriander.

"warm Pacific breeze"
The name of the ocean was derived from root word for "peaceful".
[Ron Henry]

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