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R.E.M.: New Adventures in Hi-Fi: Be Mine


 [New Adventures in Hi-Fi]

Be Mine
The title comes from the original intention of the song, to take all the lyrics from the little Valentine's Day candy hearts. [Joshua Hall-Bachner]

"I'll pluck the thorns out of your feet."
This refers to the story of [Androcles] and the lion, where he befriended the lion that was going to eat him by pulling a painful thorn from its paw. [Joshua Hall-Bachner]

"I'll want to wash you with my hair."
Mary Magdalen washed Jesus's feet with her hair as a form of penance. [Mike Shriver]

"I'll eat the lotus and peyote."
Lotus -- resembles a water-lily. common symbol in eastern religions. in Greek myth, the lotus-eaters were proto-junkies living in lotus-induced euphoria and caring naught for the world. Peyote -- also known as mescal, a drug derived from the lophophora williamsii plant, hallucinogenic, much favoured by Aldous Huxley and William S. Burroughs. [macrae] * Actually, the term "lotus eating" refers to eating not the flowers, but the fruit of the lotus tree, Diospyrus lotus (not to be confused with Nymphea stellata, a water lily also known as a lotus). When eaten, this fruit allegedly brings on "a dreamy languor and forgetfulness." Greek legend makes reference to a group of people or deities (not sure which) called the Lotophagi (lit. "lotus eaters"), and I assume this is where the modern references come from. [Laura del Col] * See also Lotus.

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