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R.E.M.: New Adventures in Hi-Fi: Binky the Doormat


 [New Adventures in Hi-Fi]

Binky the Doormat
The song gets its inspiration from "The Citizen Kane of Alcoholic Clown Movies" a.k.a. "Shakes The Clown" with Bobcat Goldthwait... I refer to a scene about halfway through, where the "bad" coke-snortin' clown "Binky" starts going off in a self-pitying rage... "Binky the doormat! Binky the doormat! That should be my name. Not Binky the clown... Binky... the... doormat!" [billg3man]

"Seconal and astroglide"
[Seconal: see E-Bow the Letter.]
Astroglide is a sexual lubricant.
[Lisa Drake]

"If I'm your oyster, where's the war?"
It was a story about how Bertis was in France and was trying to find a train station but the word that he thought meant train station was actually a word that meant war so he was saying "Where's the war". [rynocubs23] * Persumably, this was "Ou est la guerre?" ["Where's the war?"] instead of "Ou est la gare?" ["Where's the train station?] [Chris Piuma]

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