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R.E.M.: Monster: Star 69



Star 69
*69 is a telephone service that allows one to call back the last party that called your number. [Ron Henry] * The reference to the sexual act of 69ing is probably intentionally misleading. [Chris Piuma]

"what you've done is ignoramus 103"
Ignoramus 103, as in a [beginner's] law school course to teach you about being an ignoramus. [Ron Henry]

"petty larceny"
"Petty larceny" is theft of less than $500 (?), as opposed to grand larceny. [Ron Henry]

"I know squirrelys didn't chew the wires"
According to Lin Wright on r.m.r, U. Georgia had many communications problems due to wires chewed partially through by squirrels. [Ron Henry]

"I don't like to tell-tell but I'm not your patsy."
To "tell tell" is to be a "tattle-tale". A "patsy" is a colloquial term for one who takes the blame for another. [Ron Henry]

"why'd you put your quarter down on me?"
That is, why'd you spend 25 cents, the cost of a phone call. [Ron Henry]

"this reads like some dork inside edition hard copy."
Inside Edition and Hard Copy are tabloid television "news" shows. [Ron Henry]

"I can't be your character witness"
A "character witness" is a witness in a trial who testifies that the defendant is trustworthy. [Ron Henry]

"we learned spy vs. spy"
Spy vs. Spy is the Mad magazine comic where two spy characters plot endlessly to destroy each other. [Ron Henry]

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