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R.E.M.: Monster: Strange Currencies


 [Strange Currencies]

Strange Currencies
"You're in High School, and you've got bad hair and bad skin, and nobody wants to go to the prom with you, and this is your song..." [Stipe introducing the song in concert, as quoted here.] * A "currency" is any medium of exchange. [Ron Henry]

"the fool might be my middle name"
The Fool, in myth and Tarot symbols, is an Everyman who naively goes through life unaware of the larger forces around him. [Ron Henry]

Strange Currencies: "I tripped and fell."
On the Tarot card, the Fool is about to trip over a ledge and fall to his death. [Ron Henry] * I always thought this was just a reference to the phrase "falling in love", the "tripped"-part indicating that doing so was unintentional or a failing on the singer's part. [mmiscevic]

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