February 8, 2005: Indifference Invented—1961
The ballad of Charlotte Wells and Chris Piuma
part one
Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte How to handle new triplets? Try juggling! But don't wait--pretty anything like that. PIck a great disease book. . . Death in Venice anyone? really wanted to hear them do that song.. Of course it turns out it L'Etranger was the first novel I read en francais, and I original. That said (phrase of the day), I now realise this There is no french Jane Austen. There couldn't be. that same control of sentence and plot (MAYBE) but he's a complete entertaining writers of all time! Thomas Mann ain't got nothin' on him! Waiting for the rending of the rocks, english. But what did he know? The opinionated jerk. little boring dittty out to you. Les Claypool--what about Les Paul? So I was waiting for you to write back when I realized that it class quite late because we were doing some ungodly complex hell. As a person he sucked and moving into the state of nature was a reading but i don't do philosophy. if you were stranded on a desert island.. oh, but i must go. Someday, And I won't even have to shave my armpits for it! peaks freak. Could live without it! inasmuch as i have just decided that the ultimate purpose of life is upon any other convenient metal support which is connected to the mother to drive me home because i didn't have an umbrella and it's a anyway, it was then 8:30, so the polls were closed and i didn't get to vote. chris However, I always try to read for fun. Just like I like to study/learn/ all part of 'what are you going to do with a degree in english?' thing. relatively easy school, i take about 13 credits a semester, always let's see. i don't know if i've mentioned this yet. hohum. odd, because i hate that kind of understandability in english poetry. to make the actual text hard to read by making several copies of the text and
Chris Piuma