February 2, 2018

Winter Marathon Reading:
Bernadette Mayer's Utopia

Sunday, February 11
12:00 pm to finish (estimate: 4:00 pm)

800 SE 10th Avenue

Each winter Spare Room hosts a marathon reading, in which a booklength poem or series of texts is animated by a range of voices. As in recent years, the marathon will be held in the cozy kitchen at Yale Union, and we are grateful for their generous hospitality.

You are invited to come and go as you like or to stay for the whole duration; feel free to bring a snack or beverage to share.

For this year's marathon, we will read Utopia by Bernadette Mayer. 

Readers (in order of appearance):

Rodney Koeneke
Allison Cobb
Sue Landers
dan raphael
Casey Bush
Laura Feldman
Tom de Beauchamp
Alicia Cohen
Morgan Ritter
David Weinberg
Endi Hartigan
Seann McCollum
Ally Harris
David Abel
Chris Ashby
Sam Lohmann
James Yeary
Claudia Savage
Stacey Tran
Jesse Morse
Jen Denrow
Ryan Newton
Jackie Motzer