November 14, 2003

Spare Any Language?

Thursday, November 14, 2003, 7:30 pm
Pacific Switchboard
4637 North Albina Avenue
Portland, Ore.

Suggested donation $5

an alphabetic manifesto
a collective composition of verbal actions
an abecedarium of experimental poetry

"Any work of art is an experiment in thought."
   —Paul Griffiths, Thames and Hudson Dictionary of 20th-Century Music

A collaborative manifesto by the organizers of Spare Room:

Chris Piuma has edited the online quasi-literary journal flim since 1996. His band, the Minor Thirds, plans on touring the Canadian prairies in the near future in support of their album Saskatchewan.

mARK oWEns has conducted audience participation poems in Argentina, Mexico, France and around the States. He is currently sweeping alphabets across town with a broom.

The words "Maryrose Larkin" point to the poem, not the person.

joseph bradshaw is. coeditor of fo a rm magazine he organized. the collaborative poetics festival at performance works. northwest in october his work may possibly be read. in the near future in the. organ and fo a rm. and possibly elsewhere he insists on. music sometimes. he is currently at work on. a. theater piece. tentatively called "radio. play".

David Abel works as a freelance copyeditor and bookdealer, and edits envelope. Recent performances: Frozen Sea (Collaborative Poetics festival), Permanent Red (Modern Zoo), Dr. Selavy's Dream (Foreman festival); and appearances with the JJ Mad ensemble and Linda Austin's Boris & Natasha Dancers. Recently published: a poem, "Threnos," sewn on a thirty-seven-foot ribbon by artist Katherine Kuehn, and a long collage essay, "Conduction."