August 23, 2014

Samantha Giles & Steven Seidenberg

Saturday, August 23
4:00 pm

please note earlier starting time

Glyph Café and Art Space
804 NW Couch (North Park Blocks)

$5 suggested donation

Samantha Giles grew up in an industrial section of Santa Monica, California and currently lives in the flatlands of Oakland, CA. She is the author of hurdis addo (Displaced Press, 2011) and deadfalls and snares (Futurepoem, 2014). Since 2009, she has been the Director of Small Press Traffic.

Steven Seidenberg is the author of Itch, a work of lyric, philosophical prose (RAW ArT PRESS, 2014), and three chapbooks of poetry, including Songs of Surrender (Gummi-Geliebter Verlag, 2013), and Null Set (Spooky Actions, 2014). Based in San Francisco, he is a member of the Right Window artists collective and co-editor of the poetry journal pallaksch.pallaksch.

from deadfalls and snares


Samantha Giles

As if another sun

Immanence will not be named.
The stain against our wilderness,
our animal pride,
is named our animality,
from fatted pincers proffering
each blink its creed of hunt and glimpse,
each trill of pilfered dissonance
obtruded into rhyme.
There, as if another sun
will parse our null illumined,
we imagine that our focus
will traduce the bed of nettles
that our further sight has gathered
as the stuff of things.
Immanence has named you,
but you will not attend it
while you still possess a name.
This: the feral gambol of your
hollows into ferment.
You: the torpid spasm
that consolidates the void--

Steven Seidenberg