September 28, 2010

Robert Mittenthal & Standard Schaefer

Sunday, October 3
7:30 pm

Caffe Vita
(formerly Concordia Coffee House; same location)
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

Robert Mittenthal is author of Value Unmapped (Nomados), Martyr Economy, Ready Terms (Tsunami Editions), and the forthcoming Wax World (Chax).  Irrational Dude, a chapbook of collaborative work with Nico Vassilakis, was published last year by Drew Kunz's tir aux pigeons ( He lives in Seattle where he was a curator of the long-running and much-missed Subtext Reading Series. Recent scribblings at

Standard Schaefer's books include Nova (Sun and Moon), Water & Power (Marsillio), Desert Notebook (ML & NLF), and the forthcoming Notebook of False Purgatories (later).  Coeditor of a number of journals and literary magazines (including Ribot, New Review of Literature, Or, and Rhizome), he has made documentary films and produced journalism around issues of social justice, health, and the environment.  He lives in Portland Oregon with his wife, daughter, and two beagles.

Branded with regard (an apology)

By imperfect I meant the superiority of hello. Spent comfort as the particular lauds. It is the insufficient detail - our playful emboss. A pregnant pause.  

Goodbye anonymity. I abhor characters large and small. Anger is taxed or untaxed, thus it allows a referendum to dictate. 

Infirm frontier - whose guilt bolts into light. 

Their comforts are incapable of art. A die cast in the fanaticism of the future. Symbol whose hope reaps no reward. It is the superiority of their dead. Heredity assures the fiction of the variable order. Please step outside. It is habit feels its way to applause.  

Innocent of what requires you, profane objects chant to dissociate the occasional powers - withholding the allure of habit.

Robert Mittenthal

from Bermuda Antigua

Through the incomprehensible
to the ice chest full of pesticide
then the shorn skull of the impossible
jubilation ghosts the tint of sky
half outside rain displaces
the whistle in the knuckle,
a goat for a knee
intimate footprints of
more or less often not able

Days especially participants, air from the pouch
particles of briefly we were closed, so close to nothing
where nothing hears no one and the nothing to hear
so tender and undecided and on occasion a song
except the dark cut in the nevertheless circles
and the chirp of undeveloped themes
a constant inventory of motive and traction
until it's again time for the substitutions--
same as not same, endless on all sides exhausted

Standard Schaefer