February 11, 2007

Rebecca Loudon, Rodney Koeneke & Susan Landers

Sunday, February 11
7:30 pm

New American Art Union
922 SE Ankeny Street

$5 suggested donation

Rebecca Loudon lives and writes in Seattle. She is the author of two collections of poetry, Tarantella (Ravenna Press 2004) and Radish King (Ravenna Press 2006) and a chapbook, Navigate, Amelia Earhart's Letters Home (No Tell Books 2006.) Rebecca is the librettist for composer Roupen Shakarian and is currently writing the libretto for an opera, Red Queen. She teaches poetry workshops to adults and violin to children.

Rodney Koeneke is the author of Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, 2006), Rouge State (Pavement Saw, 2003), and an obscure study of I.A. Richards in China. His work has been read or performed at Small Press Traffic, The Poetry Center at SFSU, the Pacific Film Archive, The Poetry Project at St. Marks Church, and the 2006 Flarf Festival in New York City. He lives with his wife Lesley Poirier and their young son Auden in the SE cantonment of Portland. He blogs about poetry & Portland at www.modampo.blogspot.com.

Susan Landers is the author of 248 mgs, a panic picnic (O Books, 2003)
and co-editor of the journal Pom2 (www.pompompress.com). She lives in Brooklyn.

When I was Laura Ingalls

The best parts of me were sewn shut.

I shaved my sister's head.

We set fire to a can of paint in the neighbor's garage.

I rolled my skirt high above my knees and got frostbite.

We were ordered to close our holes but we called them portals.

I stole sugar from the infirmary.

Ice cured everything and if it didn't we stayed sick.

We ate a barn owl for breakfast.

Lark drank poison and we just stood there.

Pa broke out the windows with his beak.

All our dogs were named Jacky-Lame-O.

The horses bled from their hooves.

—Rebecca Loudon, from Radish King


Whisker was first used
in the air-sparging tube
to regulate transient voltage dips
    for the whole modular village

hordes of unshorn unicorn
serves as insecticides and, when they expired,
    to initiate dialogue on exceptions:

that tape shall be used in every threaded fitting.
  that Cheese dips appear at the Welcoming Committees.
that Outfall from dips and lead-off ditches be fed
to native plants:

my little
bluestem, my wild rye
my fifteen colors
    of Tyred of Sidon

Navy ships are never used
    to initiate ensign dips
but if originator dips ensign

up bloom striped flags.

—Rodney Koeneke

Every woman adores ousting a fascist.

From Manhattan: sights and sounds the sheer how now of it massive.
The hope the air is full of. The poison. We say me always.
I fear speak a fire month of three or years revel in weather terror.
Lower be it so the boom and rain this pace empty.
America the audacity dragon has a daddy complex.

Concentrate: symbols and targets the raw why past of it resonates.
The rock to lie a head upon. The hard place. Lie puts safe under.
I swing hate a pawn orange of hook or by crook cyclone volition.
Uncross the butterfly statue let time wash its wound.
Do you need a minute to diagram this sentence?

You are safe. Code orange.
Shop tax free. Soft target.

—Susan Landers