October 30, 2011

Patrick Playter Hartigan & Anne Gorrick

Sunday, October 30th
7:30 pm

Open Space Cafe
2815 SE Holgate

$5.00 suggested donation

Patrick Playter Hartigan is married to Endi Bogue Hartigan, with whom he has a child, Jackson Thoreau Hartigan. He works as a trademark paralegal at Stoel Rives LLP. He attended school at the University of Pennsylvania and the Iowa Writers' Workshop. He publishes his poetry under Double Movement Press through a Print on Demand service. He has published sixteen books in this manner, including, most recently, First Days Last, Mr. Gray's Panoplies, and Rodeo Poems, all of which are available for purchase, either through Lulu.com amazon.com, or several other online distribution services.

Anne Gorrick is the author of I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearman Books, Exeter, UK, 2010) and Kyotologic (Shearman, 2008). Her new book I-Formation (Book 2) is due out in 2012.

Collaborating with artist Cynthia Winika, she produced a limited edition artists' book called "Swans, the ice," she said with grants through the Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY, and the New York Foundation for the Arts.

She curates the reading series, Cadmium Text, which focuses on innovative writing in and around the New York's Hudson Valley ( www.cadmiumtextseries.blogspot.com ) She co-curates, with poet Lynn Behrendt, the electronic poetry journal Peep/Show at www.peepshowpoetry.blogspot.com Her visual work can be seen at: www.theropedanceraccompaniesherself.blogspot.com

Anne Gorrick lives in West Park, New York.

Observation during Wars

Sometimes during a war you will
see a bit of brick lost
among some ferns, suggesting confusion,
or at least a mutual disturbance
of seemingly irreconcilable objects,
whose characters neither suggest
the other nor cancel the other out.

Analogically, a shadow suggests
an interpretation, or disturbance,
as like a silhouette, though
silhouettes are but a species of shadow:
a shadow thrown (thrown) onto
a translucent or impressionable
surface, and at a perpendicular
angle so as to render the outlines distinct.

All the while you will from time
to time think
about the war, its causes and possible remedies,
the culpability of this and that party,
extant now under this name or
another. You will want to get
the facts straight and you will
want to be able to express an honest opinion.

Patrick Playter Hartigan

Folio #9 - August 17, 2009
Announced in original alloy

a smalltown marriage / environments / dissolve / primarily in the homes of relatives
They were wonderfully remote / from their / own circumstances
She resolved / to cease becoming / any trace of resemblance
few surviving objects / including / Kurt Schwitters
They announced their / private compulsions
their gridded systems / their closed and variant forms / paint and a cast face
entails / overpaintings / strips of newspaper
making it switched from enamel / wax-based / over lay / in swift distinct
all flat iconic / His common public occurrences / factual, exterior / "a sum of corrections" - Johns p. 117
Her concerns regarding / accuracy / coidentity and depiction / sensually jarring, their monochrome degrees
an elusive
embedded image / in lidded boxes / dispersed
Tango in alphabetic sequence / objects inserted like / implications / a preoccupation with the space behind
His body suggested occulsion / canvas flaps / her name colored in elegy / in Dada revival
her taciturn comes apart / disparate, jumpy / optically bewilder / her figure and ground
Their color / disassociated / from structure

Anne Gorrick