February 1, 2004

Nine Muses Publication Party

Sunday, February 1, 2004, 7:30 pm
Mountain Writers Center
3624 SE Milwaukie
Portland, Ore.

Suggested donation $5

About the readers:

Nine Muses Books has been publishing distinguished poets since 1987. A mini-tour of Northwest cities celebrating four new books by Northwest poets will conclude with a reading for the Spare Room Series at the Mountain Writers Center on February 1, 2004.

Joseph Keppler and Ezra Mark live in Seattle; Dan Raphael lives in Portland; and Margareta Waterman divides her time between Washington and Oregon (when not on the road). All four are well known and appreciated by poetry audiences in various locales; while very different in style, their common ground is a larger view than ordinary thinking usually allows for.

About the four books:

30 Poems + Images of Robert A. Keppler's Sculptures by Joseph F. Keppler

And who would be you if not you,
And you would not be who, if you be not?
Anyway the problem of you and me will be: Soul?
We're picked and peeled apart like an orange.
Everyday will have one day, everyday.

by Ezra Mark

Intention. constantly seeks the grounds by which it justifies and maintains its title; so that the novel & the essay are brought together as the text brings in memory, music, Virginia Woolf, Heraclitus, the journal and correspondence, and adapts them into a sort of reverie. The gesture continues under the surface, creating a poetics in practice as the story is generated between the lines in an investigatory journey for the seeming/seaming and the meaning. Intention. is a sort of hybrid text where the writer and the reader take a walk and realize, as they turn the page, that they must have passed each other along the way. Put on your shoes.

This third that walks beside us. Major, minor, diminished, augmented. The noise at the threshold of the voiceless silence.

by dan raphael

this is a city not contained, a city molecular as stars, a city of flesh and questions
where every door pulses with verbal, visual & associative discoveries

when i woke i was a house, lying flat and unfolded;
i was the type of flower that each night retreats into its stalk
never certain what color it will be in the morning
or if there will be enough light to bring it all the way out

by margareta waterman

from the sixth to the seventh dimension and back again, a poet's life is full of visions, lying in wait for a chance to turn into poems.
mercury/is/quick/silver//it runs away/from you
to stay long/would poison//yr. mind loses coherence

a pencil drawing on a page of air
lines, drawn in the air
words, cut, painted, inscribed

Biographical notes:

Joseph Keppler's innovative art is visual and conceptual, uses words and works metal, uses meanings as shapes and shapes as meanings, and earns respect and admiration everywhere it goes. compassion for the human condition is never far away. he has had many literary successes and inpsired many poets. The poems in this book speak in a voice, a style of language, like no others, a style known to many as Joe Keppler's particular poetic voice. they were wrttten and rewritten, edited, revised, critiqued and judged by the poet, refined over a period of more than ten years.

Ezra Mark is a co-founder and member of the Subtext Reading Series Collective; his books include Narthex, Tenet, Re(a)d, and Intention. He is concerned with variations in meaning, space, and silence. The geography of the fracture, overtones, and suggestions of something else. Influences that come quickly to mind would be the music of Anton Webern, for its precision and economy; the paintings of Cy Twombly, for their gesture, and the boxes of Joseph Cornell, for his sense of arrangement in space, his sense of time, his nostalgia. And the thought of Wittgenstein and Adorno, for their persistence and questioning.

Dan Raphael has been thrilling portland poetry audiences by the energy emotion and range of his performances for the many years he has lived here. also known as portland's tallest poet, he curates readings, publishes poets and is published widely in books, magazines, and on the web.

Margareta Waterman's career in poetry has included most of the stations of the craft: 20 books published (and has published the work of many peers); evenings of abstract theatre, mixed-media events and poetry readings; innovative poetry videos, touring the us and canada; visual poetry mural; collaborative work in festivals, poetry series, magazines and reviews, workshops. her work has been featured and praised in magazines, on radio and tv, in poetry scenes and other literate worlds. she has never left an audience unmoved.