March 21, 2007

Mark Wallace & K. Lorraine Graham

Sunday, March 25th
7:30 pm

*New American Art Union*
922 SE Ankeny
$5 suggested donation

Mark Wallace's books include Nothing Happened and Besides I Wasn't There; Sonnets of a Penny-A-Liner; and Temporary Worker Rides A Subway.He is the author of a multi-genre work, Haze, and a novel, Dead Carnival. With Steven Marks, he edited Telling It Slant: Avant GardePoetics of the 1990s (University of Alabama Press). Forthcoming in 2007 is a book of short stories, Walking Dreams, and in 2008 a book of poems,Felonies of Illusion. He is currently Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at California State University San Marcos.

K. Lorraine Graham is the author of two chapbooks: Dear [Blank] I Believe in Other Worlds (Phylum) and Terminal Humming (Slack Buddha).Moving Walkways, a full-length chapdisk, is forthcoming from Narrowhouse Recordings. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Foursquare, My Spaceship, Magazine Cypress, H u n d r e d s, MiPoesias Magazine, No
Tell Motel, Rock Heals, Submodern Fiction, Dusie, Mirage#4/Periodical,
Primary Writing, HOW2, and elsewhere.


Castle and sandbox, interleague
craps hoot madhouse you're inside
miscues rattling down the road
delusions unfurled. You've come a long

hacked trap. Hawaiian real estate
not withholding loss or gain
in patented technique, what about
the people on the 39th floor?

Incredible no spill brain caps
offered in the best condos going
thereby leave top bugging systems
posing as heads of state.

We've got a shuttle launch to make
fooled scrunching, a comment
on why we're not home? A shine will counteract
unforseen last minute additions

of another lofty advancement ritual
for pilots too conflicted to fly.
Familiar harrowing transportation,
faked love and a frog in glass,

silly fluke to stake a career
on reports of heavy cheese.
Call it an adventure say.
Contact whoever's left to forget

side by side American sky deals
spinning in a first rate bubble,
two by two abandoned satellites
in the shadow of an international incident.

--Marc Wallace

from See It Everywhere

swooning—not going to the UN but
never believed anything could be saved still
love seems a good idea: “God willing
you will find a wife” g-d willing in English

smile officers do and strip club bouncers do

nearly no one going is


polluted lagoons are pretty egrets don’t avoid them


stuckout limb & a complicated telephone poll series cut off

what can I do / why go home? in my body are biles—yours, too
track by the track and fences self in everyone

-- K. Lorraine Graham