September 24, 2017

Mark Tardi & Henry Cole Smith

Sunday, September 24
7:00 pm

Passages Bookshop
1223 NE ML King Blvd.

$5 suggested donation (no one turned away)

Mark Tardi is originally from Chicago. The Circus of Trust is just out from Dalkey Archive; previous books were Airport music (Burning Deck, 2013) and Euclid Shudders (Litmus Press, 2003). He guest-edited an issue of Aufgabe devoted to contemporary Polish poetry and poetics, and has translated poetry by Kacper Bartczak, Miron Białoszewski, Monika Mosiewicz, and Przemysław Owczarek. Recent work has appeared in Jet Fuel Review, Berkeley Poetry Review, Sukoon, and diode. He lives with his wife and two dogs in a village in central Poland, and is on the faculty at the University of Łódź.

Henry Cole Smith is a poet from northern California. He recently graduated from Reed College, where his undergraduate thesis consisted of writing, designing, and printing his first book, Crab Canon, printed letterpress in an edition of two hundred copies. He has recently begun work on a manuscript of untimely meditations on Don Quixote, and in the fall will move back to the Bay Area to play guitar in his brother's band and to channel the ghosts of the San Francisco Renaissance. 

from The Circus of Trust

That feeling special is the worst kind of cage
like poison or north or zero

You make a career of waiting, the other body
            a silhouette at best, sigh-stuck
it asks for blank space
warps and ripples, sequenced protocols
the one who'd done the running and
the one who didn't know why

Mark Tardi

i'll be the brass
that passed for a trumpet

theorem: my life
in the blender
100 million times
eventually produces a perfect copy
of Neil Armstrong

me at the typewriter
once every few days
produces these

only fed enough PB & royal J sandwiches
any drone can assume a fertile majesty

how to have        a rainbow
how to hug        a summer wind
i answer these burning questions & more

witness the wood that willed itself
into a violin

Henry Cole Smith