February 28, 2016

Marathon reading of Jackson Mac Low's
Complete Light Poems

Sunday, February 28
Noon to finish (6:00 - 7:00 pm)

800 SE 10th Avenue

Each winter Spare Room hosts a marathon reading, in which a booklength poem or series of texts is animated by a range of voices. As in recent years, the marathon will be held in the cozy kitchen at Yale Union, and we are grateful for their generous hospitality.

You are invited to come and go as you like or to stay for the whole duration; feel free to bring a snack or beverage to share.

For this year's marathon, we will read Jackson Mac Low's Complete Light Poems, edited by Anne Tardos and Michael O'Driscoll, and recently published by Chax Press. (Copies of the book are currently available at Passages Bookshop, and will also be available at the reading.) The sixty poems in the series were begun in 1962 (when Mac Low was 39) and completed in 1988. The first 22 Light Poems were published by Black Sparrow Press in 1968 (a collection long out of print), but other than a few broadsides or periodical publications, the rest of the poems have remained unpublished until now. The readings will be complemented by several performative realizations. (For a very approximate schedule of the readings, see the end of this listing.)

Thanks to Charles Alexander and Chax, we have access to this body of work, which brings together chance processes and autobiographical narratives, friendship and scholarship, sex and politics, in a unique blend of intimacy, humor, and rigor.

Readers and Performers:

Mark Owens     Marilyn Stablein     C. E. Putnam     Dan Raphael     Casey Bush    
Jen Coleman     James Yeary     Travis Meyer     Meg McHutchison     Sam Lohmann    
Morgan Ritter     Seann McCollum     Allison Cobb     Phoebe Wayne     Chris Ashby    
Nathan Wade Carter     Tom DeBeauchamp     David Abel     Rodney Koeneke    
Valerie Wernet     Linda Austin     Martha Bryan     Paul Maziar     David Weinberg

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Approximate Schedule

Time         Readers & performers

12:25-12:35 Mark Owens & Marilyn Stablein
12:35-12:50 Mark Owens
12:50-1:05   Mark Owens & Marilyn Stablein
  1:05-1:25   David Abel & Seann McCollum
  1:25-1:50   James Yeary & David Weinberg
  1:50-2:15   Sam Lohmann & Martha Bryan
  2:15-2:45   Chris Putnam, Valerie Wernet, & Linda Austin
  2:45-3:10   Dan Raphael & Casey Bush
  3:10-3:25   Jen Coleman
  3:25-3:45   Phoebe Wayne & Tom DeBeauchamp
  3:45-4:00   Matt Marble
  4:00-4:25   Allison Cobb & Travis Meyer
  4:25-4:55   Morgan Ritter & Paul Maziar
  4:55-5:20   Chris Ashby & Nathan Wade Carter
  5:20-5:45   Meg McHutchison & Jen Coleman
  5:45-6:00   Spare Room
  6:15-6:30   Rodney Koeneke