December 22, 2018

Marathon reading of Bernadette Mayer's
Midwinter Day

Saturday, December 22
7:00 pm

Passages Bookshop
1223 NE ML King Blvd.

Bernadette Mayer's Midwinter Day is an "epic poem about a daily routine" (Alice Notley) written in a single day on the winter solstice in 1978 in Lenox, Massachusetts. On the 40th anniversary of its composition, we'll read the whole book aloud. Listeners are welcome to come and go at will, or stay for the full reading which should take about three hours.

Similar events are scheduled around the country (and Canada, England, Scotland, & Sweden) on the same day; for a full listing see Becca Klaver's Midwinter Day at 40

The readers (in approximate order of appearance) are David Abel, Sam Lohmann, Jen Coleman, Linda Austin, John Beer, Marilyn Stablein, Laura Feldman, Tom DeBeauchamp, Endi Bogue Hartigan, Jesse Morse, Jen Denrow, Bronwen Tate, Ryan Mills, Rodney Koeneke, Seann McCollum, Ally Harris, Rob Schlegel, Casey Bush, Jac Nelson, & James Yeary.