March 20, 2006

Lindsay Hill & Jules Boykoff at Powells

We think you might be interested in the following non-Spare Room event:

Reading and book launch

Lindsay Hill, Contango (Singing Horse Press)

Jules Boykoff, Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge (Edge Books)

Monday, March 20
7:30 pm

Powell's on Burnside

from *Contango*

At the crest of the frozen coils

The advertising executive was having difficulty determining whether he was a feature or a benefit

He died trying

He noticed that when the turbulence subsided all the bodies on the bottom became visible

I’m buried everywhere he said

—Lindsay Hill

Frederick "Toots" Hibbert Meets U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in the Kingston, JA Hilton to discuss their swervingly divergent views on "Old Europe," the fading charade of sex symbology, & the ever-unfolding handcuffery of trumped up charges

I want you to believe every word I say.
I want you to believe everything I do.
A familiar song of Jamaican
nuptials always in a foreign tongue.
Night is a sweet & dandy
numb-bodied multiplication table
a pressure dropped threat
treadmill exploding into massivity
an alphabet of promises
for your theoretical inventory.
The glimmer of a laughing trove.
The cartography of debt.
Surveillance is just a fragrance
just a silent handshake in 1983
just a de-mimeographed tragedy
of also but not additionally
of sweet & dandy pressure
drop come home to say hi.

—Jules Boykoff