June 9, 2013

kathryn l. pringle and Donald Dunbar

Sunday, June 9th, 7:30pm

Denizen Gallery
Milepost 5
850 NE 81 Avenue
Portland, OR

kathryn l. pringle lives in Oakland, CA. She is the author of fault tree (winner of Omindawn's 1st/2nd book prize selected by CD Wright), RIGHT NEW BIOLOGY (Heretical Texts/Factory School), The Stills (Duration Press), and Temper and Felicity are lovers.(TAXT). Poems can be found in Denver Quarterly, Epiphany, Fence, Mrs. Maybe, Phoebe, and fiction can be found inManor House Quarterly and horse less review. Her work can also be found in the anthologies Conversations at the Wartime Cafe: A Decade of War (WODV Press), I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women (Les Figues), and  The Sonnets: Rewriting Shakespeare (Nightboat Books). In 2013, she was a very grateful recipient of a gift from the Fund for Poetry.

Donald Dunbar lives in Portland and helps run If Not For Kidnap. His book, Eyelid Lick, won the 2012 Fence Modern Poets Series prize, and his chapbook, Slow Motion German Adjectives, is recently out from PDX-based Mammoth Editions. He teaches at Oregon Culinary Institute in Goose Hollow.



grief-is waiting

all the bodies arrange in three

dysfunction of thinking as a  hearing

we listens and the first drift-dysphoric


mere puppet

silence equally divided is one

imperfect. terse. moan.

color collapsing - rising



mind is two lines, or stands

a singing oracle

or a swing oracle, able sung


real and under a flush: AWE

is also. was once. by midbreath


kathryn l. pringle


When Character Was King by Peggy Noonan


It is not true, as has often been said, that Reagan wasn't curious.

Reagan's ambition was not, strictly speaking, realistic.

They give you the young Reagan papers.

Reagan would ride and think.

Some of Reagan's humor was just off-hand silliness.

Now it seemed to be promising what Reagan called

"womb-to-tomb utopian benevolence".

Reagan got mad. Reagan sent for his parents.


For decades, Ronald Reagan had had a recurring dream.

Reagan still couldn't see a thing, but he gathered things were going well.

This isn't always the case with presidents and agents, of course,

but with Reagan something special was going on.


Historians looking back at our time will note the consistent restraint and peaceful intentions of the West.


Donald Dunbar