May 18, 2008

Joseph Noble / Lisa Radon & Tim DuRoche

Sunday, May 18th
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

Joseph Noble's book of poems, An Ives Set, was published in November of 2006 by lyric& Press. His essays on the work of George Oppen have appeared in Talisman and Aufgabe, and he was a coeditor of the journal 26 for its first five issues. Poems have appeared in New American Writing, Five Fingers Review, The New Review of Literature, Hambone, Bird Dog, UrVox, and Aufgabe. He lives in the East Bay, and also plays the saxophone.

Poet Lisa Radon and composer/sound artist/jazz musician Tim DuRoche have collaborated on sound/text-based works for such varied venues as the 2003 Experimental Jazz Festival, Spare Room's Collaborative Poetry Festival, and several PerformanceWorks Northwest Richard Foreman Festivals. They performed "verse.chorus.bridge." on the banks of the Willamette River for Gallery Homeland's Scratching the Surface 2006; and created "Aqueous (E)vent No. 1," a sound installation for Red 76's Community Jukebox as part of the 2003 Core Sample Exhibition. They are currently recording and readying for Scratching the Surface 2008. Likes: Robert Irwin, semaphore, birds, the Enigma Machine, Frank O'Hara, Franz Kline, Helvetica, rocks, Snufkin, Portland. Dislikes: rice, Jeff Koons, Burning Man, disingenuous "social practice" art, acrylic sweaters, split pea soup, television, bellbottoms.

the celestial railroad

each track on separate hands
a mockingbird assembles singing
cell shrine to share

breathe the air
eyes thinking

ringing ground
trembles drum skin

throw out the life-line
a world offers homage

firefly and wine
kiss blissful feet

    — Joseph Noble (from An Ives Set)