July 11, 2010

Jen Tynes & Bethany Ides

Sunday, July 11
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

This was to have been a fare-thee-well reading for Joseph Bradshaw, but his departure
has been accelerated and he's moving to NYC immediately! Bethany Ides has graciously offered to step in at the last minute, and will read from both her own work and from Joseph's.

Jen Tynes
edits horse less press and is the author or co-author of Heron/Girlfriend
(Coconut Books), See Also Electric Light (Dancing Girl Press), The Ohio System
(w/ Erika Howsare, Octopus Books), and The End of Rude Handles (Red Morning Press).

Bethany Ides makes work that interprets functions inherent to language. Her recent, multi-phasic APPROX L was enacted incrementally at venues in Seattle and Portland, before culminating as a 3-room treatise on the evasiveness of proper names, in particular: Lindsay.  Approximate L, a chapbook-length prose poem that initiated the project, was published by Cosa Nostra Editions in 2009. This month, she'll serve as Art Director for Maryhurst University's Show-Tell: A Workshop for Teen Writers & Artists, and will relocate to New York (again) soon after that.

Pronoun Poem

I was the spider plant and you were the ceramic
lady's skull with the absent fontanelle.
I was applying myself to you

like a gloss of hot water. You were tenderizing
a couple geese with feet frozen in the middle
of our story, they lifted the story

off-road. I was the spider plant with tracks
in the prolific, cracking when I smiled, smoking
through a hole in another animal's bone.
Bunnies subsisted

off my downiness and chickens plucked
my tongue looking for a blue streak.
You serviced all the carburetors

like a snake handler, burning
no oil. I was the turkey parts on the other
side of the road, a wide blue grassiness

that undercovers any remains
of it. You were the whistle
I used to call it.

Jen Tynes