September 20, 2009

Joel Felix & Phoebe Wayne

Sunday, September 20
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

Joel Felix edits LVNG magazine with Michael O'Leary and Peter O'Leary. His most recent chapbooks include Regional Noir (Bronze Skull, 2007) and Monaural (Answer Tag Home Press, 2007).

Phoebe Wayne is a graduate of the master's program in poetry at UC Davis. She is happy to be back in Portland, Oregon, where she works in the children's department of a public library and pursues a degree in library science. Some of her recent work appears in Vanitas, With + Stand, and Peaches and Bats.


Alder falls

and parched grass

on the pass

the Spiritu

sipping sprite

as a red light blinked

atop my head

It was more hills

underfunded sword fern


in plain air


I like big orange

birthday cake

and black hair drying brown

There are robins

It's the vernacular

all hearsay

siskin and clover

and the Jack pine

making creative use

of difficult plots

(from Field Book)

Joel Felix

Pink Palace

This other cold palace

Is less cold, more pink, flatter

In front they are having a stroll or maybe a firing squad

In the background which is hard to see there's a layer of string music

Feathered trees

We try to look in the windows before saying goodbye

All around us is dry snow

Somewhere ballerinas

In the windows are only lines

This palace and the other palace are related but occupied by the unrelated

Phoebe Wayne