July 14, 2009

Jennifer Bartlett, Sarah Mangold, & Lindsey Boldt

Saturday, July 25
4:00 pm

4903 SE Rural (south of Woodstock, between 39th and 52nd)

for directions, or other information:

Free admission

NOTE: This is a house reading and potluck hosted by Maryrose Larkin and Eric Matchett; all are welcome. Parking is on the south side of Rural, or in the driveway.

Jennifer Bartlett was a 2005 New York Foundation for the Arts Poetry Fellow. Her first collection is Derivative of the Moving Image (University of New Mexico Press, 2007). Individual poems from her [Husband] series are in the current New American Writing.

Sarah Mangold is the author of Household Mechanics (New Issues) and the chapbooks Parlor (Dusie Kollectiv), Picture of the Basket (Dusie kollectiv), Boxer Rebellion (g o n g), and Blood Substitutes (Potes & Poets). She lives in Seattle where she edits Bird Dog. She also co-edits, with Maryrose Larkin, FLASH + CARD, a chapbook and ephemera press.

Lindsey Boldt lives in San Francisco, where she works as an assistant editor with Post-Apollo Press and an after-school teacher with elementary kids. She is currently working on a book of Titty Poems, a retelling of the movie Overboard, and a collaboration with artist Morgan Levy on poems about the importance of ponies in the lives of girl-children. She is very proud of her blog because it brings her joy. She's glad to know you.


from [Husband]

for k.

now, wife, get in your little boat and row


and row                                                            away


into sleep


remember the tales insist upon including a ghost and a body of water

but since they are a mere translation we don't know what they insist upon



I want and want

            and this

wanting is a trap


if you tried and failed in your mission the honor

            little one


to which japan declines any response other than silence


so that, every gesture

            was calculated with longing


the integrity of this body is beyond doubt


we never believed for a moment that you were or could be guilty

Jennifer Bartlett

Mothers must always prove their readiness

Most missing girls are dead girls. The lady
detective. Relevant short stories. Caught in the
throat. Set in the plains. Tea in Wyoming.
Everything else is a flash back. Bruises. Wristsarms.
Collect an advance. Seize. Elbow. Your health
insurance will remain on paper. The envelope was a
breath of air. An exhale. It was both. Small pings.
Wing flutters.

Sarah Mangold

Peer Counseling

Your Mommy issues
and my Daddy issues
should get together and spoon

Lindsey Boldt