August 31, 2012

James Yeary & Mark Johnson

Spare Room, Division Leap, & Editions Plane

present a reading and book launch

Sunday, September 9
7:30 pm

Division Leap
211 SW 9th Avenue
(between Burnside and Oak)

$5.00 suggested donation

James Yeary lives in Portland, Oregon, where, with Nate Orton, he regularly issues the my day zine series, a space-and-time based examination of ink and language. Editions Plane has just published his Third Spectral Cannon, for Chris Ashby. He is a member of the art collective 13 Hats, and runs a press, c_L, which has published a box of 18 full-color illustrations of Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons (by Sandra Gibbons). More information can be found at Catabolic Guilt Calendar.

Mark Johnson lives in Philadelphia, where he sells rare vinyl and books, and programs an experimental film / video series out of his shop, Hiding Place. Steel Bridge recently published a chapbook, Exactly Zero, and Editions Plane has just brought his Penniless Greenery.

Editions Plane
is envisioned as a vehicle for new and unusual texts by younger and under-represented writers. The small edition size exists in the space between the privacy of composition and trade publication. In practical terms, it gets the work out and into the hands of the curious and the discriminating. The production value are modest, the covers engaging, the price affordable.

from my day on, under, and around the St. Johns Bridge

preening on the beach. I leave my core on the rail. Nate: "I've been caught up with something lately, I don't know what the hell it is though." Boy looks at his father through binoculars. Two mallards chase their hen. Still some preening to do. Pugs pissing on the working for clean rivers sign by the water pollution control laboratory. Dialogue's on you for today. Fetch. Trail of smoke puffs up from the parkbench. Weighed down by quinoa. Tugboat tugs from book to book. I tell them I buy you canvas I buy you paint but no only spraypaint on wall. Schnitzer steel chorus. A guy named Fuzz who draws these little bugs. A graffiti very similar to the painted squares used to cover it up. These squares are everywhere and give St. Johns a non-egoic, arp-like quality.

James Yeary

The Faun

At what possibly is a theater toilet onstage
crabherd fakely against wood's roar!
Conjuring sounds of aid,
this attention toilet here --
the yolk hooves, the soft caper --
out frogwatching a spritz of traffic --
old feverish sliver contacting leaves
rain as if the day blew --

phone in a faun
saw a tune corseless finally to sea,
joy up there use the lawn

phone in a man,
joy up there use the can.

Mark Johnson