June 4, 2009

James McCrary & Jim Yeary

(please note that this is a Thursday, not our usual Sunday)

Thursday, June 4
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

Jim McCrary: Born in Illinois. Traveled the 60s living in San Francisco, New Mexico, New York, and a lot in Kansas. Most recent publication All That (ManyPenny Press, 2008).  Chapbooks include Being Frida Kahlo, My Book, Hotter Than and Now, Holbox, Dive, She Said and Mayaland. Interviewed by Tom Beckett for Exchange Values. Edited Lawrence Issue of Steve Till's Black Spring in 2006. Recent poems in Lawrence issue of Locus Point, blog at Resisting Poetry. With wife Sue Ashline live in Lawrence, Ks.

James Yeary occasionally poses as visual artist Nate Orton, with whom he has printed the books my night at chopsticks, my day at the library, and my day walking across portland vol. 1: E 247th, Gresham to E 41st.  The my day series synthesize and disavow constraint, procedure, and nonce writing, vying to use the text of the city itself to illustrate the subaltern ego in all of us.  He has worked in print and radio journalism and holds a Bachelor's in General Studies from the University of Idaho.


Precise is a way of moving
and in a place like this
an advantage.

So one should very well
think before.

What one misses while considering
what one finds overwhelming.

Certainly one hears where to look.

To contemplate the advantage
of movement over an obstacle.

As instance
one who has gone to the top.

How could that be?    And why?

What  were   they thinking?

Would we have done something different.

Then again perhaps there is something
in the word pyramid.

Jim McCrary
from Mayaland

Marx is Back

"That's what I like to hear

pneumatic drill attempts to displace

the song stuck in my head

("our old flag was better")

This dance the flow of the gutter's puddle

to the drilling

"That sums up my feelings

to all modern architecture"

Trying to decide if a corner's important

Flapping tire mix't in w/ the recall

Feeling like dirt in an Ed Ruscha

Like the god of parking lots

James Yeary
from Tabor to the Zoo