September 4, 2003

Ezra Mark & JJ MAD

Thursday, September 4, 2003, 7:30 pm
Westwind Gallery
2486 NW Kearney
Portland, Ore.

Suggested donation $5

About the readers:

Seattle's Ezra Mark has spent the last decade or so cultivating certain typographical errors & watching a tree grow outside his window. An inveterate cloud-watcher & part-time weather prophet, he'd like to think of himself as a hard-nosed Rationalist who still calls Cleveland Ohio home.

He's a co-founder and member of the Subtext Reading Series Collective; his books include Narthex, Tenet, Re(a)d, and the just-published Intention (nine muses books). He is concerned with variations in meaning, space, and silence.... the geography of the fracture, overtones, and suggestions of something else.

"Intention is the form; a provocation along the margins." —Morton Feldman

"When pressed further, he shrugged his shoulders and said something that might have been 'kairos,' the Greek god of the fleeting moment." —Barnett Newman

JJ MAD (Joseph Bradshaw, Jonathan Sielaff, mARK oWEns, Ashley Edwards, and David Abel) is a new enterprise called Supine Stutter. JJ MAD cannot be reached. JJ MAD takes dog-lick ex dubi to the hilt. JJ MAD ain't takin' it no more.

joseph bradshaw does not know what language he speaks. joseph bradshaw does not speak what language. | Jonathan Sielaff is a _____________ native, a product of the ___________ trade and the wilderness. For twelve years, he has ___________ in such _____________s as _________, ___________, and ____________. | mARK oWEns was raised by a single letter, "w," which occasionally became an "m." his first sound poem was mispronounced from the womb. | Dentistry Harvard development music aided. Anatomical obligations the Oral. does value cavities their world. and observers eyes while. died had never pupils clouded. advocated obscuring The exclusive. | Ashley Edwards rips pages from the spine. She wants to consolidate her poetry into one easy payment, locking in at a 4.01% interest rate. Her upcoming "hamlet incident" is an investigation of alchemy, ghosts, and love letters written on eggshells. "All auctioneers are sound poets."

Ezra Mark


"he had his voids"
count up the
form constructs
its own remnant


an article of faith
in residue
an equilibrium is reached
hypothesis economy
in summary


seen from the road
surface     shunned
abundance of
buoyant wholes
how birds continually
regress     certainty
latter manuscript and
voids     the genesis
stray theologies' delay


down to the trace-

sublime Pharmakon


June July may careful and
just justification modified value had
jack-in-a-box Jenny Martel had abdominal

jaw jaw muscles larynx under
jaw jaw mouth each wider
jaw jaw mouth part and