November 11, 2006

Eugene Ostashevsky, Craig Foltz, & Wayne Chambliss

Saturday, November 11
7:30 pm

New American Art Union
922 SE Ankeny Street

$5 suggested donation

Eugene Ostashevsky's books of poetry include Iterature and Infinite
Recursor Or The Bride of DJ Spinoza, both available through Ugly
Duckling Presse. His work has also appeared in Best American Poetry,
Jubilat, Boston Review, and Fence. A recipient of a 2005 poetry
fellowship from NYFA, he also translates Russian absurdist literature of
the 1930s, and is the editor of OBERIU: An Anthology of Russian
Absurdism, published by Northwestern University Press.

Craig Foltz is a writer and multimedia artist whose work has appeared in
numerous journals including; 14 Hills, Alaska Quarterly Review, Juxta,
580 Split, and Fiction International among others. He has released two
chapbooks on the sadly defunct Loudmouth Collective. A book of poetry,
The 50 States and Washington, D.C., is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling
Presse. His photos will be included in a group show at the Hoxie Gallery
in Connecticut, Summer 07. He lives and works in New Zealand, on the
slopes of a dormant volcano.

Wayne Chambliss is a poet and a translator. His work has recently
appeared in Fence, jubilat, Octopus, Fascicle, The Germ, Drunken Boat,
and other literary journals. He has a chapbook, The Traveling Salesman
Problem (The Caitlins, 2006), and his translations of Andrea Zanzotto
will be published in The Disappearing Pheasant: An Anthology of Italian
Poetry 1950-2000 (Agincourt, 2007). Wayne moved to Portland from New
York City earlier this year.

Dear Owl

Dear Owl
you have big eyes

feathers that stick in all different directions
you wake up

your panties are funny
You hear

the sounds words make
as they plead for life

that’s all that remains
of the language of language

O Owl
among leaves

what is this forest
of “letters,” black light

of unintelligible suns
I cannot see

who I am
who you are

the difference between good and evil
the end of human desire

how to tell the truth
and why

Is this my life
Are you in it

—Eugene Ostashevsky

Go -

stumbling on a past life in the head
of a microbrew. widmer hefeweizen and
fresh bread. if the willamette meets
the columbia it will be in spite of
phrasal construction. jars of water keep
unwanted words off of lawns. composting
strategies instead of wigwams. baroque
and dewish. the headlines proclaim a loser
before a winner. clyde the glide shoots
and misses. homeless kids in chinatown
rue the day. ween stagedive at the satyricon
means a kick in the head. still, beats
shakespeare in the foothills anyday. x-ray
cafe matinee. the long walk home from
dots cafe. a new york knicks cap abandoned
at mt hood. double u. pee. aye. shelley duval’s
eyes bulge after they blink. the way that a yard
predates a meter. i’m with you. you say,
that’s how we’ll say it went down. a trestle
for planking. a bridge for a canyon. the big
houses of astoria are cluttered with parts
of speech. blow wind blow. a patio where
there used to be the roof of a mouth. deck chairs
for teeth. stay with me. the rain is nearly gone.

—Craig Foltz

San Francisco Postcard 2

Like Seneca in his bath,
sunset crimsons the footpath
as a wedge of cranes, true to its course,
like a less-than sign, increases the North
by its migration.

The ossification
of rivers. Jackrabbit tracks. Stacks of wood.
Ensconced in the bed like a fossil, your dreams are black as mud:
a colossal expanse of empty tundra
too hard as yet, thank God, for one’s going under.

—Wayne Chambliss