August 25, 2018

Eliza Rotterman, Liv Veazey, & Jules Boykoff

Saturday, August 25
7:00 pm

1223 NE ML King Blvd.

$5 suggested donation; no one turned away

Eliza Rotterman grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her poetry has appeared in Volta, Quarterly West, Colorado Review and The Los Angeles Review among others. She has received fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center and Squaw Valley Community of Writers. Her first chapbook Dirt Eaters was published by Tupelo Press in 2018. Currently she lives in Portland, Oregon and practices nursing.

Liv Veazey writes and makes books in Portland. Her senior thesis Unenclosures is a collection of short stories. Her current writing project is a critical piece on experimental fiction and affect theory. Having graduated in May, she's also searching for other, job-like things to do. Any ideas?

Jules Boykoff is the author of three books of poetry - most recently Fireworks, fresh out from Tinfish Press - and a proud winner of the annual CA Conrad Sexiest Poetry Award. He lives in Portland with Kaia Sand and Jessi Wahnetah, and teaches politics at Pacific University. More at


                     In my own made-up dark

I understand light as ash falling from god falling from injury.

                                    The light-rope dangling and a mother's

                                                  adolescence is a gun

                                                  left in the body. A bright liquid night

                                    spit on the sheets and drying

                                    like the pulp of an apricot. The sun

                          today is hysterical or maybe I'm in love

                                                                in another life. I'm looking at you

                         looking at the sea. I'm shouting at the waves.

                                                               Anything, you lied, can happen.

Eliza Rotterman

"August 9

            I want to I would like to I am writing to apply for submit my leave tender my resignation from to whom it may concern that I have to I will no longer be working I plan to cease any and all affiliations with Fichte & Johnson Co. I can't I don't want although I have been advised legally that these kinds of cases I feel it is in my best interest not to sue respond pursue legal action against him the company individuals involved as I can't afford likely won't succeed in due to mental emotional financial burden. Nonetheless I am determined to see to it in some way to publicize or obtain compensation. Even though Despite my reports detailing describing groping, lewd behavior, threats harassment from my coworker, nothing has action has not been taken. To outline a few: staring at chest, "fine ass" in forwarded email, overheard conversation in break room expressing vulgar describing me with Sandra. So Because of this Given these circumstances you better I would strongly recommend Professionally, It is my sincere hope that the guy all parties individuals involved are fired let go that swift action is taken that an internal investigation into company policy a review systematic overhaul of current practices be undertaken. If it isn't too much of a hassle If Also Furthermore with respect to as regards my I will be expecting compensation for Morally, you really ought to I expect full financial assistance for mental harm, including medical care and living expenses while searching for finding seeking out a new job place of work due to the circumstance harassment forcible the events which transpired under your neglectful disinterested under the domain of the company during working hours.

            Sincerely, I look forward to hearing from, With all due respect,"

Liv Veazey

Put a Passaro on It

flicker flicker flux
unflinching frippery

another Lava Jato Olímpico
echoing epithets the mayor

and his conscience amicably
parted ways O Davos:

interminable river in Egypt
a dead man in a snack bar

a clearcut mange on
the spine of the range

Trudeau both adorable and
horrible: put a pipeline on it

you delectable little
cudgel bucket you

não têm saúde, educação
são os jogos da exclusão

militant centrism stuffing
the shiny superhighway

Allison calls it the "sugar juice of capital"
the safest fireworks market ever 

Jules Boykoff