June 13, 2010

Drew Kunz & Félicia Atkinson

Sunday, June 13
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

Drew Kunz is a poet, visual artist / photographer, and editor. Kunz and Stacy Szymaszek edited the literary journal Traverse from 1999 to 2004. Since 2005, he has acted as sole editor and publisher of the journals Track & Field and Miniature Forests, as well as a digital and print chapbook project tir aux pigeons/SERIES. His books include Tether (Dusie Kollektiv) and Terminals (tir aux pigeons); he lives with his family in Suquamish, Washington.

Félicia Atkinson was born in Paris and currently resides in Brussels.

After studying anthropology at Paris VIII and fine arts at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, and practicing contemporary dance with Boris Charmatz, she moved to Brussels to enjoy the northern light, the space, the friendly people and the Belgian fries. Her work is inspired by two ways of thinking: the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy of the unfinished, and lo-fi and psychedelic improvisations in music and drawing. Imperfections, improvisation, repetition, raw materials, folk culture, minimal art, travel, translation, contemplation, are the materials of her body of work which includes performance, writing, music, drawing, photography. . .

Her first solo album, la la la, recorded at home with guitar loops, small electronics, voice, and melodica, was released on the Japanese label Spekk. Lakes and Losses, her second solo album (recorded also at home with harp, guitar, electronics and voice), is a sad mantra in six parts about the mutation of the seasons and the heart. She has played and recorded music with Paul Labrecque from Sunburned Hand of the Man, and toured and recorded with Sylvain Chauveau, Stretchandrelax, and Louisville.

Her drawings and installations have been exhibited at Elaine Levy Project, Brussels; Heidi Gallery, Nantes; Komplot, Brussels; Lieu Commun, Toulouse; Super Core, Brooklyn; Bon Bon Gallery, Hiroshima; etc.

Dream Sequence is her first published book.