November 9, 2008

Doug Nufer & Zachary Schomburg

Sunday, November 9
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta
Portland, OR

$5 suggested donation

Doug Nufer writes prose and poetry based on formal constraints. His novels include Never Again (Black Square), Negativeland (Autonomedia), On the Roast (Chiasmus), and The Mudflat Man / The River Boys (soultheft). His most recent book is the poetry collection We Were Werewolves (Make Now).

Zachary Schomburg is the author of The Man Suit (Black Ocean 2007) and The Pond (Graying Ghost Press 2008). His translations from the Russian of Andrei Sen-Senkov appear in the journals Mantis and Circumference, and of Irina Shostakovskaya in the forthcoming Jacket Anthology of Russian Poetry. He coedits Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books, and teaches film at Portland State University.

Super Patrol

Faster than a speeding bullet
When the laws
More powerful than a locomotive
Of any state
Able to leap tall buildings
Are broken
At a single bound

A duly authorized
Organization swings
The course of mighty rivers
Into action,
Bends steel
Be it the State Police
In his bare hands
State Militia.
Look up in the sky
Five-0 Racket Squad
It's a
Miami Vice CSI Special Victims
Bird, It's a
Unit, or
It's a plane, it's
The Highway
Super Patrol

Doug Nufer


from Poems: 1977-2050

When I came home
the locks had been changed.
Someone had changed the locks
so I broke in through the window
and found someone had replaced the furniture
with other furniture.
Everything was out of place.
Everything looked like buildings
going up in a new city.
Everything looked like icebergs
melting into the dark ocean.
When I went into the bedroom
someone was sleeping in the bed.
It wasn't my bed.
It wasn't me who was sleeping in it.
I watched her sleep all night.
She was beautiful
like the baby of god.
I listened to the two of us breathing.
It was good to be silent
for that long.

Zachary Schomburg