May 4, 2012

Dan Thomas-Glass & Phoebe Wayne

Saturday, May 26
7:30 pm

The Proper Salon 
715 SE Grand Ave.

[[[ please note change of venue ]]]

$5 suggested donation

Dan Thomas-Glass is the author of three chapbooks--most recently Kate & Sonia (in the months before our second daughter's birth), from the Little Red Leaves Textile Series. A collection of ten 7-inch record-poems is being published this spring by Dana Ward's Perfect Lovers Press. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Kate and their daughters Sonia and Alma. 

Phoebe Wayne is the author of a chapbook called Lovejoy (c_L Press). Some of her recent work has been published in the magazines Trickhouse, Foursquare, With + Stand, and Peaches and Bats. She lives in Portland with her husband and son, and works as a librarian at the Multnomah County Library.

Make ourselves harmless
Credos hung limp this August.
We felt it, flags felt it, archetypes
& eccentrics felt the coming drought--a long dryness of form or desire
--pressed to windowpanes
we watched the thinking pass
or not pass, watching ideas cloud
& commercials for clouds in
the abstract background also
watched, after a fashion, after
The Fashion Show & Project Runway considering our garments closely
like sweaty stitches in creative space
we wished for animals to crowd
a yard we also wished for, chicks
& eggs & certain sustainable
vegetables--a life supported
by land we could own, some
how we could afford to dream
of the unaffordable objects of desire blooming in this brief before & now
you listen to Wendell Berry
on Forum while 101 spirals
south under our wheels, cows
like lights portion the fields
like harbors mastered in Key
West--Sonia sleeping to her
song, hers & ours at once after
some thousands of iterations
playing on the iPod with etched
singularity: She sang beyond
the genius of the sea--I typed
it for you into an order form on the Apple website once for Valentine's Day
--next a machine or person
in China gave these words a
form on red metal that for a
season meant AIDS or Africa
& after that season red was
just red & people wear those
Gap t-shirts to the gym like
Africa is fixed or history just
forgets us so we agree to cremate each other & scatter our ashes to the seas.

Dan Thomas-Glass

from Anatomy of A

Standing up into a low sky
But for rushing water 
Some trees hanging 
Some stability floating across the pool
Blurring up the steps 

Phoebe Wayne