August 15, 2009

Crag Hill & Douglas Rothschild

Saturday, August 15

Please join us for a reading and potluck in SE Portland,
hosted by Jennifer Coleman and Allison Cobb.

213 SE 26th Avenue

2:00 pm: Gathering and potluck
3:00 pm: Reading

During the anemic Carter administration, Crag Hill kicked the "i" out of his first name. Continuing to be underwhelmed by his elected leaders, he threatens to kick out the last vowel, too soft, too soft, he says. Until recently he edited SCORE, one of the few journals dedicated exclusively to concrete/visual poetry. His creative and critical works in progress can be found at Crg Hill's Poetry Scorecard. He teaches future teachers of English at Washington State University.

New York poet Douglas Rothschild's book Theogeny is out this year from Subpress Books. Says poet Anselm Berrigan: "This is a book of tremendous clarity, and I'm grateful for its existence." Pierre Joris has called it "My favorite book of poems for 2009 so far." Douglas Rothschild's life has been one long miasma of failure, disappointment, coffee, & overarching desire. Though he has not yet accomplished anything of note, Mr. Rothschild intends to continue on for some time yet.

from Four'sCore

Hear distant shouts, the indefensible cries of a shipwreck. The arguments twisted her arm. She fought him off. I think that one shouted in silence again, lifted her off the air for an instant with her pathology or developmental space. The bad news brought mountains. One part of him grew directly contrary to observations. He imagined himself (it was all he could afford).

Crag Hill

Beantown News

Take your attitude
& put it in your
big car & get it
off my street.

This here yellow
curb, ain't a parking
spot, & it ain't your

economic entitlement

Douglas Rothschild