October 3, 2003

Collaborative Poetics Festival

Friday, October 3, 2003, 7:30 pm
Performance Works NorthWest
4625 SE 67th
Portland, Ore.

Suggested donation $6

An evening of (mostly) inter-/cross-disciplinary work by poets, performers and other artist types. Each performance will represent a certain climax in the varying collaborative processes of the presenters.

Performers include: Amanda Deutch; Maryrose Larkin + Ashley Edwards; mARK oWEns; Chris Piuma; Lisa Radon + Tim DuRoche; Out Loud; Andy Kennedy; Craig Hill + Joe Melior; Linda Austin, Jonathan Sielaff + Joseph Bradshaw; Bethany Wright + collaborators; David Abel; Chaosmosis; and others.

About the readers:

David Abel works as an editor and bookdealer in Portland, after tenures in New York and Albuquerque. Recent performances include "Permanent Red" at the Modern Zoo (with Tim DuRoche), "Dr. Selavy's Dream" in the Richard Foreman mini-festival at Performance Works NW; and appearances with the sound poetry ensemble JJ MAD. For the Pacific Switchboard Seminar's Fluxus evening in May 2003, he performed a four-hour version of "Chutes and Ladders: A Word Event for mARK oWENs and Jackson Mac Low." A preliminary version of "St. Joseph's Book of Acts," a theater piece produced in collaboration with Creative Material Group, was presented at the Lord Leebrick Theatre in Eugene, Oregon, in May 2002. Recently published work includes the poem "Threnos," designed and sewn on a thirty-seven-foot ribbon by the artist Katherine Kuehn, and the long collage text "Conduction," which appeared in "Conduit," an exhibition catalogue devoted to the work of Anna Hepler.

Chris Piuma edits the online quasi-literary journal flim (www.flim.com), helps organize Spare Room, and is in a band called the Minor Thirds.

Out Loud started in April as a weekly anti-war poetry open mic, then somewhat spontaneously turned into a team of readers. Our home base is at Pacific Switchboard (on N. Albina at Blandena), but we started to "play out" in July (First Thursday, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Last Thursday, Colonel Summers Park, Dignity Village). We do several ensemble pieces, and each of us specializes in a different solo genre or three. It's pretty much all anti-war, but we admittedly treat with a diversity of wars. it is quite unbelievable in how many ways it seems we are now at war.

Raised by feral poets in the streets of NYC from the ripe age of 11, Amanda Deutch now lives in PDX. Her work can be found on her floor, in her drawers and in Watchword Press, Artsy Mag, and the summer 2003 issue of Barrow Street. Her Chapbook the Subway Series can be found at St. Marks Books in NYC and La Palabra Cafe in Portland.

From the Palouse, Joe Melior and Craig Hill will bring a dialogue between slam and sound poetry, between the raw and refined, the inexperienced and the experienced, the younger and the older. The dialogue will be exploratory, sometimes in harmony, sometimes dissonant, both elements listening and responding to each other. This will be Joe Melior's first performance outside of the Moscow-Pullman area. Crag Hill has published poetry in over one hundred literary magazines world-wide in the last twenty years and has performed his work throughout the Pacific Northwest, most recently at last spring's sound poetry festival in Portland.

Lisa Radon has performed at the Portland Experimental Music Festival, the Spare Room Sound Poetry Festival, PerformanceWorks Northwest's recent Richard Foreman Festival, the San Francisco Poetry Festival, and Lollapalooza. In 1998, she received a grant for the interdisciplinary performance of the multi-voice poem cycle, Five Feet High and Rising, performed in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California. Her work has been anthologized, incorporated into libretto, and scrawled on a sidewalk near you. With Tim DuRoche, she co-curates the Rhizomatica Cabaret performance series at Pacific Switchboard.

Tim DuRoche is a jazz musician and writer living in Portland. Over the last decade he's appeared with Jon Jang/James Newton and Beijing Opera artists Pan Yong Ling, Li Jin Ping, and Li Hong Mei, Cap'n Jack McDuff, Frank Gratkowski, George Cartwright, and the late performance artist Stuart Sherman, as well as with such venerable left coast artists as Wally Shoup, Damon Smith, Jim Knodle, Rob Blakeslee, Glen Moore, Doug Theriault, and Torsten MŸller to name a few. He's recently been developing conceptual solo and duo projects with poets Lisa Radon and David Abel and choreographer-dancer Linda K. Johnson for Red 76's Ministry of Small Things at PCAC's Modern Zoo and is currently cultivating/curating projects for the upcoming city-wide Core Sample show in October.

mARK oWEns has conducted audience participation poems in Argentina, Mexico, France and around the states. He is currently sweeping alphabets across town with a broom.

Linda Austin is the artistic director of PWNW. She has been making performance for two decades: in NYC, Mexico and Oregon. Her cross-disciplinary performance piece Big Real premieres here at PWNW Jan. 30--two days after her 50th birthday.

Joseph Bradshaw is co-editor of FO A RM magazine and a member of Spare Room. He organized the Collaborative Poetics Festival but he does not organize his apartment.

Chaosmosis: (Michael Ricciardi + Ffej)

Michael is an award-winning video artist [video poetry] and multi-media performance poet [since 1992]. He is a former member of the Seattle National Slam Team [1998] and has performed his unique blend of spoken word/philosophy/art/sound at venues from Boston, MA to Vancouver, B.C., and in festivals such as 'Arts Edge', The Seattle Poetry Festival, and Bumbershoot. He has been awarded grants for his unique poetry projects, including the 'Teen Video Poetry Project' [Special Projects Award, KCAC] and 'Future For WORD' [Allen Foundation for the Arts], an all-electronic exhibition of visual, experimental, and new media poetry.

Ffej is a well-known sound artist and collaborator in the Seattle Arts scene, He is the weekly host/impresario of 'Cognitive Dissidents', a long-running series of 'experiments in sound and performance' at the Cafe Messiah in Seattle. Ffej was a Jack Straw Foundation 'artist in residence' in 2000. He has self-produced several CDs of original work and has been featured on KEXP's [Seattle] 'Sonarchy' showcase. Additionally, he is the organizer/producer of numerous arts projects including the 'Bubble Rally', a growing art/music/bubbles event held every August at Volunteer Park [Seattle].