October 11, 2008

Chris Vitiello and Jeanne Heuving

Saturday, October 11
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta
Portland, OR

$5 suggested donation

Chris Vitiello lives in Durham, NC. His book Irresponsibility is out from Ahsahta Press. He's concerned with, among other things: clarification, light, stars, the sky, clouds, wind, trees, birds, deduction, eyes, leaves, people and their observable behaviors, grasses, the soil, flowers and their growth, description and representation, vegetables, skins and peels, seeds, nuts, cross-sections, dictionary definitions, synonyms and antonyms but especially synonyms, utility, analysis, skepticism, kindness, goodness, quantity, measurement, direct commands, questions, and fact statements.

Jeanne Heuving's cross-genre Incapacity (Chiasmus Press) won a 2004 Book of the Year Award from Small Press Traffic, and her book of poems Transducer (Chax Press) is just out.  She has published multiple critical pieces on avant garde and innovative writers, including the book Omissions Are Not Accidents: Gender in the Art of Marianne Moore. She is a member of the Subtext Collective, on the editorial advisory board of HOW2, and is a professor in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program at the University of Washington, Bothell and in the graduate program in English at UW, Seattle. In 2003, she was the H.D. Fellow at the Beinecke Library at Yale University.

It's that a tree branches as well as how a tree branches

Work within a number

You have no choice but to work within numbers

"Obvious" is an empty word

This is an example of how you could be without

Chris Vitiello
(from Obedience)


Through hallways of rising water
Dark sedge to stay here in this
Netherworld refusing to see above
A water line as it creases the eye
Swimming forward to this line
Of entry no entry you hold me
Rising descent into nearness
To see through other eyes
To see through mine
The plunging water picks me up
This lunging of a place
Moving forward into
Underwater under kind
Traveling dark stream of streaked
Beatitude choosing to eat the seeds
Of death to take in each grain
Winnowing for grain for seed
Heated by sun flooding hallway
By river watching through mirror
Filtered, carrying sludge, sedge
Underwater coursing vision
Line of water as it cuts

Jeanne Heuving