May 22, 2005

Charles Alexander & Joseph Bradshaw

Sunday, May 22, 2005
7:30 pm

New American Art Union
922 SE Ankeny Street
$5 suggested donation.

Charles Alexander's books of poetry include Hopeful Buildings, arc of light / dark matter, and Near or Random Acts; Certain Slants is forthcoming. He founded, directs, and is book artist at Chax Press, publisher of poetry and artists' books, in Tucson, Arizona. (For more information about this important and fiercely independent small press, visit He teaches at the University of Arizona Poetry Center, Pima Community College, and Naropa University.

Joseph Bradshaw was born in 1979 in a hospital in Idaho. Since then he has moved out of the hospital and currently lives in Portland, where he co-edits FO A RM Magazine and anticipates rejection letters from other magazines daily. He is a member of the Spare Room reading series organizing cabal.

from Near or Random Acts

every pattern has a chaos

and chaos has a plan

for tea in the afternoon

and sex in the morning

regular like ticking until

a tree falls through the

wall and into our life

Charles Alexander

Behind my mustache
you couldn't hear the chirping from the alley
and the slurping I made as I sucked
the pits of your mangos
and they were even more delicious than
your old disguises, the squirting lapel flower
or the bathtub you filled up with toasters
and after you emptied my shaving kit
you couldn't find your body in the glass, being
stopped in every direction by something invisible
I could see your face smashed from the other side
all color draining out as the skin struggled
for oxygen, wondering why
streaks of snot and saliva just hung in the air
like that, why your face is so
wet when there's no sweat, no panic
and hardly ever a reason to rhyme
someone else with yourself
or danger with yellow.

Joseph Bradshaw