July 16, 2006

Anne Gorrick & Chris Piuma

Sunday, July 16th
7:30 pm

New American Art Union
922 SE Ankeny Street

$5 suggested donation

In addition to being a bookmaker, Anne Gorrick also works in encaustic, printmaking and traditional Japanese papermaking. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley. Collaborating with artist Cynthia Winika, she recently produced a limited edition artists’ book called "Swans, the ice," she said through the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY. Her work has appeared in: American Letters and Commentary, Cortland Review, Dislocate, Fence, Goodfoot, Gutcult, Hunger, MiPOesias, No Tell Motel, Seneca Review, Sulfur and word for/word.

Chris Piuma is one of the Spare Room organizers. He also has a band, the Minor Thirds, who are working on their fourth album, Nebraska from Afar. His poetry has not appeared in many places -- a little magazine here, an installation over twenty acres of New Mexican desert there -- because there are few people who have asked him for poems to publish. He has, however, unexpectedly been involved in dancing (with Linda Austin's Boris & Natasha Dancers) and theatre (with a role in Liminal's production The Resurrectory) in the past few years, only because people have asked him. He does what is asked of him, is the moral of this biographical statement.

for Joanie Lunsford

This Pyrex appears exquisite!

for Karen Jaffe

He is the poster boy
for boys who pose on posters.

-- Chris Piuma

The August Garden

Even A Japanese maple assembled from pennies
Three summers of hydrangeatotal: tit-high brown
heart splittingly
my In wind, hot light and gold
sunk into the green of August
Even my conscience gardens
conscience The back deck is a ship filled with pink germaniums
the pink of a sugar refinery
White alyssum rubs against an intelligent blue
gardens A germination factory!

The small garden has shifted from the I
to that of the entire world
Hydrangeas tit-high: pink brown and blue
When color is a verb
Not much the flowers
in addition the heart is wonderful splittingly

Azaleas are small in accumulation
The azalea spring is a type of factory
The center splendid splittingly

Fact: Hours are amended and clear
August’s gold sunk inside green
it will Fact: it will come out and snap off by winter
The garden dozes beside its reputation
come Shepherd’s Purse floats over deep-red, top dark
Colors freeze to death in the christophii allium
out Gorgeous with hazard

We open up the hours
Cyan, the salvia, ascension
Deep red and high that it is dark
A confidential room open for suggestions
The end of apprehend
Gorgeous with intelligence and danger

Check against the authoritative text
and you will find the hour has opened
the gold sunk into an internal green
Facts are exterior, gasps
are Controls put in place against
the founded text, the open hour
descended In August, the wind and the gold
are descended from all forms of green
from all Blue-dark, fresh white
Green noises rearrange into dark red by night
forms The Japanese maple: an attempt at possibility
and its factory of subordinate components
of Compare the tree to the idea that germinates it
green It’s green intelligence is splittingly dangerous

-- Anne Gorrick

Anne Gorrick's visit to Portland is supported in part with funds from the Strategic
Opportunity Stipends (SOS) program through the New York Foundation for
the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in
the Mid-Hudson region by the Garrison Art Center.