April 12, 2015

Jan Clausen & Kit Robinson

Sunday, April 12
7:00 pm

523 SE Morrison

Kit Robinson is the author of Determination (Cuneiform), The Messianic Trees: Selected Poems, 1976-2003 (Adventures in Poetry), and 20 other books of poetry. His collaboration with Ted Greenwald, A Mammal of Style (Roof) was named among "the best poetry of 2014" by the Chicago Tribune. Recent work can be found online at Mary, The Recluse and Prelude. Kit lives in Berkeley and works as a freelance writer. In a statement online at Elective Affinities, he writes: "Poetry is language on a holiday. Free to go where it will. But it is not jobless. The job of poetry is to continue, despite everything that is pitted against it."


The nation state is history
Religion is an oath
Freedom of the press is for owners only
The mind is of two minds
The world is late for work

Diseases populate continents
Drugs are synthetic profits
Wait times may vary
In a broken cup
Tireless expeditions make landfall

Sadness and snow make drifts
Attention wanders
Alarms interrupt the proceedings
Police officers gather for coffee
Military miniatures arrive by mail from Europe

The moment of meteors has not yet come
There aren't many days left for sleeping
Puns recall songs without lyrics
Tyranny of languor
Time tied to a tree

Academic occupations in five-star hotels
The avenue of kisses
There is so much to be read in these passages
Days pass each other coming and going
Travelers emerge from dark forest to bright sandy beach

Less is more, there are those that say
Serious trouble is a given
Our laughter relates to the stars
The sun at night
A dream stem of heartfelt thanks

Kit Robinson