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Sad Professor
"Professor" as in university teacher, but also meaning "one who professes", that is, one who affirms. [Chris Piuma]

"to try to rope in followers"
To "rope in" means to gather together.
[Ron Henry]

"to float their malcontent"
A malcontent is either a dissatisfaction or a person who is chronically dissatisfied.
[Chris Piuma] * To "float their malcontent" means to air their greivance [that is, to complain]. [macrae]

"note the age. get afraid."
Possibly referring to sex with someone under the age of 18 (student) which would make a person over 18 get afraid.
["hans-josef.kups"] * Or perhaps the narrator is noting his own age and has doubts about his ability to get through the "tragedies of love", of being "too old" to find love. [Chris Piuma]

"dear readers,"
A traditional way for a 19th Century author to address the reader; a famous example is in Jane Eyre.
[Chris Piuma]

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