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R.E.M.: Reckoning: Time after Time (Annelise)



Time After Time (Annelise)
From what I've heard, Time After Time is about a night Mike Mills had with these two girls (one of which was alleged to be [Barrie], now Pete's wife) where they got stoned, climbed up a water tower in Athens, partied, took some of their clothes off, and ended up getting arrested. Whether that's true or not, I honestly don't know... [omega305] * While that's the prevalent rumor (about Mike, Barrie Greene -- later [Mrs.] Buck -- and another woman) the incident reportedly occurred later in 1984, after Time After Time was recorded. It is probably the same watertower, though, as it's in the neighborhood where they were living (Barber St). [Lin Wright]

"Ask the girl of the hour"
A play on: ask the girl about the hour (or in other words, what time it is), and ask the "girl of the hour", the current fling (much like a "word of the day"). [Chris Piuma]

"If your friends took a fall, are you obligated to follow"
According to the anecdote, Mills et al. were arrested [i.e., "took a fall"]. [Ron Henry] * It's a re-phrasing of that parental classic: "If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you, too?" [Chris Piuma]

"the bull's on his hooves"
Colloquial for "things are happening". [Ron Henry]

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