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R.E.M.: New Adventures in Hi-Fi: The Wake-Up Bomb


 [New Adventures in Hi-Fi]

"I look good in a glass pack"
A glass pack is a muffler for your car, popularized by muscle cars for they have a loud rumbling sound. (kind of like when you have a hole in a standard muffler.. [Brent Hornberger] * Glass packs are illegal in most states. [jrs999] * Allow me to add somthing to this: A friend and I were recently discussing what a 'glasspack' actually may be. After many guesses, he came up with this theory. You all know those eyeglass holders that a person (usually a nerd) might wear in his/her chest pocket(long with their short sleeve button-up shirt)? Well, a 'glass pack' would make most anyone look like a nerd, but the character in 'The Wake-Up Bomb' is so darn cool, that he is one of the few that 'looks good in a glasspack'! [mill-law]

"Get drunk and sing along to Queen/Practice my T-Rex moves and make the scene"
Queen and T-Rex are both bands popular in the early 70s. [Chris Piuma]

"I had a neutron bomb."
A neutron bomb was an experimental weapon which would kill humans while leaving structures intact. [Joshua Hall-Bachner]

"I had to teach the world to sing by the age of 21"
In the early 1970s, Coca-Cola's theme song was "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing". This song then became a hit single. [Chris Piuma]

"I've had enough, I've seen enough"
See Departure.

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