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R.E.M.: New Adventures in Hi-Fi: So Fast, So Numb


 [New Adventures in Hi-Fi]

"I let it go at Kill Devil Hill"
Kill Devil Hill is the location on coastal North Carolina where the Wright brothers first got off the ground for a significant period of time in a plane (1903 I think). The town nearby is called Kill Devil Hills. [Gary Nabors]

"You're drinking raw adrenal baby"
Adrenal as in adrenailne. [Chris Piuma] * Have you read or seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? There is a scene where Hunter Thompson winds up taking some adrenal extract and going into a bizarre hallucinatory state. I think that's what Stipe is referring to. Not the scene: the practice of taking adrenal to get wonked. [Matt Herper] * See E-Bow the Letter.

"You do-si-do, saddo"
"Dosido" is a dance move often used in traditional american square dancing.
["hans-josef.kups"] * When you dosido, you and your partner circle around one another without touching. [Chris Piuma]

"You're eating cartilage. shark-eyes. shark-heart."
Shark cartilage pills are sold over-the-counter at most pharmacies. They are purported to enhance heart/metabolic functions. [Tad Schirz]

"all present tense"
The present tense is used in verbs to indicate things are occuring in the present. So "he sings" is in the present tense; "he sang" is in the past. If something is "all present tense" it's completely focused on what's happening right now. The line could also be heard "all present, tense" in which the thing would be completely "present" and tense, or nervous. [Chris Piuma]

"boy, your blood is running cold."
A double-entendre referring to the shark [cartilage, etc.], which like most fish, is cold-blooded. [Tad Schirz]

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