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R.E.M.: Murmur: Radio Free Europe


 [Radio Free Europe single sleeve]

Radio Free Europe
A radio organ of U.S. propaganda to Eastern Europe during the Cold War. [Ron Henry]

"put that up your wall"
Perhaps referring to the Berlin Wall. [Ron Henry] * Or perhaps the wall of a bedroom, where you might put a band's poster. [Chris Piuma]

"That this isn't country at all"
"Country" being wordplay on the type of music and word for "nation". [Ron Henry]

"Raving station, beside yourself"
"Raving" with propaganda. [Ron Henry] * To be "beside oneself" is to be agitated at something. [Chris Piuma]

"push that to the hull"
A hull is "The frame or body of a ship, exclusive of masts, engines, or superstructure." [American Heritage Dictionary] * The hull is perhaps of a warship. [Ron Henry] * Also perhaps a pun on "to the hilt", meaning "all the way". [Chris Piuma]

"Straight off the boat"
Colloquial term for someone recently immigrated to U.S. [Ron Henry]

"pushing palaces to fall"
Perhaps meaning "causing revolutions". [Chris Piuma]

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