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"Laocoon and her two sons"
Laocoon was the Trojan seer [and priest of Apollo, the sun god] who told the Trojans that taking the horse into the city wasn't very bright by saying: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." Apollo sent the serpents which gobbled him [and his two sons] up. There's an excellent Greek bronze of the serpent with Laocoon and his sons in its coils. [kbanta] * Note that Laocoon was, in the original myths, male. [Chris Piuma]

Laocoon and his two sons.
c. 80 AD by Hagesandro,
Polydoros, and Athanodoros.
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"Martyred, misconstrued"
Laocoon and his two sons were martyred. "Misconstrued" means "misinterpreted." [Ron Henry]

"Ran the gamut"
An idiom meaning "spanned the whole range of something". [Ron Henry]

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