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R.E.M.: Monster: Crush with Eyeliner


 [Crush with Eyeliner]

"She's a sad tomato"
Not sure I can illuminate the specific meaning of this line, but I do remember a sequence in the film The Big Sleep with Bogart and Bacall: Lauren Bacall crooning this hilariously deadpan song during a party sequence, during which she sings 'she's a sad tomato'. Maybe Stipe was thinking of this scene? [Paul Murphy] * Well, picture a tomato. And then, picture a sad one; that is, one that's over-ripened, sort of squishy and gross... [Joshua Hall-Bachner]

"She's three miles of bad road"
"Three miles of bad road" is colloquial for "a rough woman". [Ron Henry]

"Oh my kiss breath turpentine"
Turpentine is a strong smelling solvent. [Ron Henry]

"I'm in like."
"In like", as opposed to "in love". [Ron Henry]

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