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R.E.M.: Lifes Rich Pageant: Just a Touch


 [Lifes Rich Pageant]

Just a Touch
According to Stipe, "Just a Touch" was the name of the show of an Elvis impersonator. [Ron Henry]

"Women in black", "Kevin heard it on the radio", etc.
These bits reference Elvis' death. The title of the song (and the irony which probably lead to its writing) came from a poster advertising an Elvis impersonator's concert [the night he died], which said "Is it the King...or just a touch?" [Joshua Hall-Bachner]

"I can't see where to worship Popeye, love Al Green"
Popeye is the comedic/heroic cartoon character. Al Green is a soul and gospel singer. [Ron Henry]

"I'm so young, I'm so god damn young"
Taken from Patti Smith's song "Privelige (Set Me Free)" [Ron Henry]

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