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R.E.M.: Fables of the Reconstruction: Maps and Legends


 [Fables of the Reconstruction]

Maps and Legends
A "legend" is not only a fable, but also the key to symbols on a map. [Ron Henry]

(dedicated to the Rev. Howard Finster)
Rev. Howard Finster is a folk artist based outside Athens who did the cover of Reckoning. He's best known for his Paradise Garden and is extremely prolific. He also did Little Creatures by Talking Heads. [harrierj]

"Those who know what I don't know refer to the yellow, red and green"
As in the colors of various countries on a map. [Ron Henry] * I don't think he's referring to various countries or various altitudes as much as the mystery of how to read the map, which other people understand but which he doesn't. So the narrator doesn't know what the yellow, red, or green refer to, but the person he's singing about does. [Chris Piuma, reacting to a comment by mahoyt]

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