September 23, 2005: NIGHT=DAY
from Corrigenda


In the poem, "The Rain. Another Try [4.]", replace the word "sirens" in line 13 with the decidedly non-standard usage "sirened". It is noted with some interest that the word "corner" in the following line of the same piece resembles the word "comer", if printed in some small serif fonts.

Throughout the author's early works, generally replace the word "soul" whenever it appears with the phrase "sense of self". Further instructions will follow regarding issues that arise from changes in the metrical scanning of passages in question.

In stanza 11 of the poem "Pro Vita Nuova", please note that the train for the New Haven line no longer leaves Grand Central Terminal via Track Eighteen. It is recommended that passengers consult the Metro North schedule boards in the newly-renovated Grand Concourse before boarding.

In the poem "Reconstruction of the Fables", the author states in stanza 4 that some road construction along Interstate 95 near the city of New Haven resembles "some alien planet". In fact, it did not.

The author wishes to apologize for writing the poem "Name Of" in the form of a prose poem. It should have been composed as terza rima.

In line 13 of the poem "Scraping Ice and Snow" the phrase "any cute babes" should be replaced with the phrase "any intelligent, self-possessed, successful and healthy young women".

In the poem "Rhetoric", the author did not mean to imply that he has given monetary contributions to any of the several well-known children's relief charities or funds, although his ex-wife at the time had.

It is not explicitly stated in section one of the poem "Heuristic Fictions", but the service station mentioned was a franchise of the Gulf Corporation, located in the New York state village of Pine Bush. Any inconvenience resulting from the omission of this information is regretted. Vending machines serving Costa brand soft drinks and snack dispensers vending cashew nuts for the charitable benefit of the local Lions club may not be available in all Gulf service station franchises.

Replace the title of the poem currently named "Shih" with "Song". Disregard any allusions to the early works of Ezra Pound the ill-advised Chinese allusion in the old title might have suggested.


Ron Henry