September 9, 2005: UNKNOT OR TREFOIL?

all in a nutshell—without a doubt—some benchmark—left in the rain—collected canned goods for charity—folds a peace dove—disabled protocol—met at a happy hour—traveled abroad—cap on expenses—cracked the safe—solving my problems—if it's in the cards—go tell it on the mountain—more power to you—be true to form—whispered in the dark—meddling in another's business—passing in the night—shot a warning look—waiting for a sea change—a call for rain—secrets never told—a real cut-up—they whistle in the dark—mountains and molehills—cracked up the car—measured doses—bill me later—yell fire in a crowded theater—roaming around—guilt -free—cleared with the boss—stuck in a rut—take the temperature of the situation—listening to the neighbors fight—don't call us, we'll call you—a baker's dozen—taped without permission—drawn freehand—below zero out—right hook—catching up on correspondence—touched gingerly—silenced—history in the making—called my bluff—waging war—form and content—willfully ignorant—bleached blondes—hand-waving—baby with the bathwater—take note of these changes—cost is dear—engaged in a dialogue—ordering Chinese—just right—take inventory of my assets—locked up like fort knox—aim high—a weapon in a violin case—caught up in a trend—never again—the hare and the turtle story—fresh as a daisy—leave them in the dark—treasure trove—change of pace—pissing contest—low ratings—whistled a cat-call—up and running—deep sea diving—cutting-edge—ten-four good buddy—list of ingredients—no problem—form and fashion—blame the messenger—a new policy—listen to the program—no help at all—buzzing bee—memory like an elephant—needing it like oxygen—looked out for number one—leave it to me—keep pace with—exit stage left—kill the king—graph of the results—seasonal variations—in a state of—the medium is the message—talk about the weather—smoke and mirrors—get it done yesterday—your choice

getting it plumb—untie the gordian knot—let loose a yell—spell me—damning with faint praise—a heck of a guy—step out for a smoke—like a sister to her—whistling in the dark—record it for the ages—ululation—taking a stroll in the park—without doubt—fishing for evidence—leaning too far over the edge—lose my mind—don't sit on the fence—wended their way to—catalog all the options and—sandcastles at low tide—loan me a fin—give me leave—comic relief to—in a period of mourning—being stopped by the county mounties—lookit my double-chin—dammit to hell—micromanaging again—on manual override—waste makes haste—turned off the program—man in the moon—give us a hand—wait for the train—look into the sky for a sign—eating her curds and whey—reading, writing, and 'rithmatic—the chosen few—land of the free and the home of the brave—listing to starboard—winning the lottery—so full of shit his eyes are brown—calling all cars—won a popularity contest—tell my fortune—listen to the song on the radio—muscle-bound—ringing in the new year—got a college education—tastes good like a cigarette should—with a capital "S"—the spirit if not the letter of the law—sees the whites of their eyes—go tell it on the mountain—just like icing on the cake—this my mental vacation—toxic plume—

welcome—work horse—excellence—you'll go places son—hands-on—you and yours—there for you—for a while—a nugget of—save now—Chinese checkers—wild abandon—whisper a secret to me—push the envelope—this web of lies—dry as a desert—serving the community—fill line—gone away for a while—for the whole family—evening hours—thinking outside the box—satisfaction—take the pulse of the situation—it all adds up to—only strong as the weakest link—remembering them fondly—vitamin—enriched—expertise—state the obvious—so you never know—lick your wounds—chatted her up—true blue—deal me in—catering to needs—make a prediction—get away from it all—pack mule—give her the option—look out the window—get enough exercise—lose your train of thought—my fancy—throw a wide net—greet the season—get the willies—truth is beauty—ride on the range—insult to injury—something something something—learned behaviors—Wednesday's child is—an alignment of the planets—darkening my doorway—home again—read about it in the papers—sign on the dotted line—caboose—my love is a red—your last chance—crowing about it—forgetting my head if it wasn't attached—list your previous employers—call all cars—can you spare a dime—stop on the line—

Ron Henry