August 26, 2005: Unclear Day
Today on cable

"Music & Much Much More!"
A 1984 film about breakdancing; great jazz bandleader, composer, and pianist told through extensive archival; rush to the warehouse district, they discover five evil Power Rangers who look just; include Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby.

"Snapshots from My Winter Vacation"
Home movies, interviews and concert footage from; sexiest island men; beloved country music man; Spice Girls prepare for a live; takes viewers behind the scenes and shows them how fans are; Singles choose blind dates based on personal investigations, then report; life stories of the current and former wives of The Beatles.

"Life in Our Land™"
Accomplishments and idiosyncrasies and includes "Beavertales"—slices of Canadian history; Sinead O'Connor ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II after; A female impersonator demands payment after a party; song "I Fought The Law" earned the singer instant fame; enlarges his young son to monstrous proportions.

"The American Dream Turned Inside-Out"
But in 1966, Fuller's rise ended at the age of 23 when he was found dead in the front; including an LSD trip gone bad, a mob hit, insurance fraud and revenge; she ends up dating the minister; scenic views of Iceland, and; aspiring comic who cannot keep his mind off his ex-girlfriend; An American lawyer and an Italian stripper fight.

"Where Do We Go from Here?"
Guests include The Flys who will be talking; the entire process of how MTV found Brandy's; Barney gets an opportunity to observe activities during a day; Porcupines, skunks and other creatures with effective natural; Mannix is hired to prove otherwise.

Ron Henry